Do not procrastinate about how and when to treat pain incurred at your job. Call 888-810-6624 immediately so that you can get the proper medical treatment for your work injury. If you have been injured at work, you are entitled to receive medical treatment thanks to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP). If you have a close friend who has been injured in the workplace, tell your friend to call our office now. You and your friend are covered by Work Comp if an injury was caused by a machine. In addition, you are both eligible for medical treatments if either one of you slipped and fell or tripped and lost his or her balance. 

Call Us Today to Speak with a Physician about Treating your Pain 

If you were injured at work because of an injury that was incurred after you fell from a scaffold, you are eligible to see our doctor for a complete medical evaluation. A poorly assembled scaffold may have caused your injury. If lifting a large box caused you to incur a work injury, you are eligible to see a doctor for free in accordance with Workers’ Compensation regulations. Any work-related injury is worthy of receiving a free consultation. Do not delay. Treat pain today. Contact us at 888-810-6624 to receive your free consultation. 


Receive a Complimentary Medical Examination Courtesy of Workers’ Compensation Laws 

Our phone number is the right number to call when you need to treat pain related to your Workers’ Compensation claim. Our physician will examine you to determine if you are eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation payments during the period when you are unable to perform your duties at work. Doctors at NMCI have experience in treating thousands of employees who were injured at work. Our physicians have more than 14 years of experience in treating workers with injuries that took place at work. Pain management is just a step away. If you are looking for a doctor with work injury experience, call our number today. 


Discuss your Condition with a Trained AMA and ACOEM Physician 

Our doctors have received special training in approved AMA and ACOEM treatment guides. Our qualified physician will spend ample time in diagnosing your injury and devising a treatment plan to relieve pain. Plus, our doctor makes sure you comprehend the seriousness of your injury and any needed medical treatment. Your consultation may include an X-ray, MRI, CT scan or EMG test. The test or tests you take will help our doctor make the right medical diagnosis. After diagnosing your condition, our physician will design a pain management treatment plan. Relieve pain without any further delay. Contact our staff now regarding your Work Comp treatment plan. 


You are Eligible to Receive a Wide Array of Medical Treatments 

At NMCI, our physicians collaborate with other local doctors who specialize in performing orthopedic surgeries. Our doctors also consult with neurosurgeons and doctors specializing in pain management. We cater to patients requiring the skills of a chiropractor. If you need to relieve pain, you may need an adjustment to your spine, hands, feet, elbows, knees or shoulders. Whether you require the assistance of a chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon, our treatment center has the right treatment plan for your specific requirements. 


Visit Our Trained Chiropractor for a Complete Analysis 

Our chiropractic care center features experienced chiropractors who can diagnose and treat conditions involving various parts of your body, including arthritic pains and trauma. Contact our office today to set up your first appointment. You will receive a detailed analysis of your work-related injury. We have six locations throughout Northern California. Call us at 888-810-6624 today to find out about the location that is closest to your residence. 


We Specialize in Treating Pain 

You do not need to experience pain for several days, weeks, months or years. When you call our office, we will set you up with your first appointment. Remember that you are not required to pay any money for your initial visit with our doctor. If you want to learn how to find a remedy for your work-related injury and pain, contact our office without any further delay. Your medical treatment plan is right around the corner. 


Call Our Office Today to Make an Appointment 

At our modern medical facility, we understand your need to visit a skilled physician specializing in Workers’ Compensation cases. Our doctor has the necessary skills to ensure that you receive prompt and accurate medical treatment. Plus, our staff understands legal complexities and new regulations involving Workers’ Compensation laws. If you are suffering from a work-related injury, it is imperative that you call our office now so that you can receive the proper medical treatment. Contact our office today at 888-810-6624 for your complimentary Work Comp consultation.