What is Functional Restoration?

The Functional Restoration Program (FRP) at our San Jose, California location is designed for patients who have not been able to cope with chronic pain, who have had unsuccessful outcomes from prior treatment and medications. The NMCI Medical Clinic FRP San Jose team is composed of doctorate-level pain psychologists, pain management physicians and physical therapists to reduce and manage chronic pain and difficulties. We specialize in areas of pain reduction, physical and occupational therapy, psychology, nutrition, education in self-management and the Art of relaxation.

The FRP program at NMCI San Jose will be tailored specifically for your needs, goals and concerns. The interdisciplinary method for our FRP program identifies and works through obstacles that may block progress in reaching your specific goals for optimal improvement. How Can NMCI Clinic Help?

NMCI San Jose offers a functional restoration program that is designed to help reduce the negative impacts associated with chronic pain. The functional restoration team’s goal is to reduce depression, stress, anxiety, and overall bodily effects of these issues.

Functional Restoration Program

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Meet the Functional Restoration Team at our NMCI San Jose Clinic

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What Will I Do During This Time?

Your team of professionals will provide you with the best treatment plan for you and teach you how to manage your pain and concerns independently. Services and education include the following:


ain Management Education

You will learn about available medications, their effectiveness, and side effects. You will learn the current theories of pain management and ways to independently manage your pain.


hysical Therapy

This time of exercise and conditioning will provide you with exercises to help strengthen your body with a focus on targeting areas of concern. You will also increase your overall endurance through this training. The conditioning exercises will be monitored throughout the program by a professional, ensuring proper movement and safety during exercise and light yoga.


sychological Assistance

You will learn and practice cognitive-behavioral strategies in order to arm you with coping skills specifically for your chronic pain. This is known as positive psychology and will reduce anxiety and depression levels. You will also meet with a psychologist individualized relaxation methods effective for anxiety and depression such as meditation. Cognitive Behavioral techniques are a proven method of turning a negative mindset into a positive one that can power through the harder periods of life. You will learn how proper communication is the starting point to reaching out to your team or others for help as well as helping others.


tress Relief

Mental and emotional relief methods include yoga, art, and meditation. You will also learn relaxation techniques for self-soothing and active self-management. Your team will also provide you with sleep education. Proper sleep will help your body restore itself and reduce levels of anxiety.


utrition Counseling

Good food choices are a key component to your overall health. Your nutrition counselor will provide you with information on foods that help reduce inflammation as well as foods you may want to avoid. You will also learn about weight management and the role it plays in reducing problems with inflammation.


ocational Counseling

Vocational counseling provides you with methods of improving your communication skills as well as determining your strengths. You will discuss your goals in life and available vocations. The ultimate goal of vocational counseling is to help you get back to work and living a higher quality of life.

How do I Enroll in the Functional Restoration Program at the NMCI Medical Clinic?

We encourage you to give NMCI Clinic a call to discuss the enrollment process and how to begin. We accept patients from across the country. Even if you don't live in the San Jose or San Francisco Bay area and are coming to us from a distance, we can provide information on and coordination with transportation services and accommodation.

We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to start your path in reducing chronic pain to help you enjoy and restore your life as soon as possible.