AME Evaluations
AME EvaluationsAn agreed medical evaluation AME is an examination performed by an independent physician instead of by the doctor who is currently treating you. The purpose of an AME is to establish the extent of a worker’s injury or disability in a workers’ compensation claim.

Providers who perform AMEs are selected and agreed upon jointly by your attorney and by the insurance company’s lawyer. Both parties agree to accept the results of the AME to settle the dispute. You must have an attorney in order to get an AME.

Agreed medical evaluations can be used to assess which portion of an injured worker’s compensation claim was responsible for a disability and which portion was due to other causes.

Your employer’s insurance company may dispute the findings of your treating physician and request an AME to resolve the differences.

You can request an AME to resolve a conflict you are having with your treating physician about your medical condition.

If your claim gets bogged down, you can request an AME to get things moving and to settle the case. Having to wait on the outcome of a claim can be stressful, especially if you are in pain.

The medical service providers who perform AMEs are independent physicians who specialize in workers’ compensation claims and work-related injuries. If you receive an AME, it will be conducted by an independent doctor who has experience with your particular type of injury.

After the medical evaluation is completed, the independent physician will submit a report to assist with the resolution of the case.

AME Evaluations

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