Ritch V. Jacobs

Ancillary Services

Dr. Jacobs DC, QME, has been providing care in the Bay Area and the Valley since 1997. As a Chiropractor, Dr. Jacobs has managed a multitude of injuries to the spine and extremities, and has helped thousands of patients to restore their health and well-being.

To be a part of his patients’ recovery from injury, restoring function, participating in the healing process from the beginning to the end, and watching the joy that patients’ experience from being whole again is the reason Dr. Jacobs began his health care career.

Being a former Competitive athlete, and suffering injuries which lead to visits to a Chiropractor, Dr. Jacobs understands the importance of health and function in its fullest form. He wants for his patients to experience a pain free, maximum capacity life. Dr. Jacobs has helped patients with Acute, Sub-Acute and Chronic Conditions, weight loss, and Neurologic Injury.

Of note, Dr. Jacobs lives in the area with his wife and two children. He competes actively in several sports and his other hobbies include meditation, reading; although most of his free time is spent watching his children participate in their athletic events.

Dr. Jacobs is a State Appointed Qualified Medical Examiner and has lectured in colleges throughout the Bay Area.

At NMCI Medical Clinic, we specialize in treatment for pain and injuries at work. We specialize in all aspects of pain management care, including the diagnosis and treatment of the spine, shoulder, elbow, knee, hand and foot disorders, trauma, arthritis, injuries from work-related injuries. We can help resolve work related injuries and relieve the suffering of pain. If you are in pain, call us today! (888) 810-6624